Musical Works


My musical works, which I have started creating in 2014, explore deeper abstract emotions, such as those arising from an intellectual pursuit, that may be connecting oneself with their dream world and touch the essence of existence. The works can be classified in the following categories:
  • Impromptus and ballades: these works are based on once-off improvisations, which may be edited for fixing accidental notes, adjusting suitable playback tempo, and introducing repetitions/transpositions. The difference between impromptus and ballades lies mainly in the playback length of the musical piece, with ballades being the longer musical works. A ballade is meant to tell a "musical story", while an impromptu paints a "musical picture". 
  • Esprits: these musical pieces are combined with improvised performance of theatrical nature as a visual interpretation of music. Esprits belong to an artform defined by "mindful improvisation" (which I call "espritism"). The point is a merger of visual improvisation with musical improvisation. Basically, the emphasis here is on human mind's ability to create something new, deep and meaningful, in an instance of time. Musically, the esprits are similar to impromptus and ballades, except that no repetitions are added to the piece during editing (so only tempo and accidental note adjustments are made). Esprits can also be simply video recordings of live musical performance. Where the visual elements are based on a theatrical performance, dance, or even are of merely textual nature, an esprit will usually have a conceptual theme that gives the receiver of the artwork a context in which to merge the visual interpretation with the music. 
  • Scherzos: these, in contrast to improvisations, are "proper" musical compositions. A scherzo will be created by each time incrementing a musical work with a short addition, which is based on reflecting on the already composed part. As a result of this process a sketch will be created, which then goes under a similar form of editing as impromptus and ballades do. The starting piece of a scherzo can be an improvised motive or a thought through musical idea. 
  • Nocturnes: these are either impromptus, ballades, or scherzos, which are inspired by or remind one of the night, similar to the usual meaning of this form of musical work in western classical music.
  • Overtures and dances: these are, once again, either impromptus, ballades, or scherzos, which are rather short and simplistic, or which inspire the listener to dance to the music.
  • Sketches: these are whole pieces of work, or incomplete ideas, which are intended to be developed further to form musical work in one of the categories above. Many of the sketches are unedited recordings of an improvised performance. A sketch may, at the same time, be an impromptu, a ballade, or a scherzo. This indicates that an editing of the musical work is intended, which did not take place yet.
  • Albums: these are several musical works organized in one whole, with a proposed conceptual interpretation of the whole. The idea is for every musical work to be eventually placed in an album, as a final stage of its production.
Musical works, since 2014, follow a common numbering system. In the titles of works, these numbers are indicated as "No. ..." (obsolete) or "Opus ...", as customary in western classical music. Some of these numbers are wasted for incomplete sketches which are not shared, but are kept in my private possession (any musical attempt obtains a number, and in some cases, numbers are skipped to allow for future creation of variations on previous attempts or after a significant period of time lapse of musical inactivity). All of the shared opera can be accessed on the following online platforms: 
The sections of the rest of this post are each dedicated to an album. I started (self-)publishing albums on YouTube in 2021.


This is my very first album, published online at the beginning of August 2021. It consists of various musical works produced during the span of 2014-2021: an overture, four scherzos, an impromptu and a dance. 


My second album, published online at the end of August 2021. It consists of three longish musical works (once again, a combination of old and new): a ballade, an impromptu and a nocturne. 



This is my first album of esprits. Musical material for the esprits are my musical works spanning across several years (2014-2021). The videos are all sourced from The esprits were produced during July-December 2021. Each esprit has a unique theme; the themes included in the album are: aestheticism, avant-garde, virtuosity, freedom, confidence, hope, tradition, bliss and cyberspace.

Espritism 2

This is my second album of esprits. Musical material for the esprits are my more recent musical works. The videos are all sourced from The esprits were produced during December 2021-January 2022. Each esprit has a unique theme; the themes included in the album are: monotony, imagination, liberation.