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Mathematical Timeline (starting from January 2021)

July-August 2021 Current plan: finialize the binary matrix properties paper. Started writing a book in abstract algebra jointly with Amartya Goswami. You can follow the progress here . May-June 2021 The paper on linear exactness properties , joint work with Pierre-Alain Jacqmin, was accepted for publication in Journal of Algebra (it is scheduled for publication in October 2021 - follow the link ). Started supervision of PhD studies of Brandon Laing on the SOFiA project . Started supervision of PhD studies of Ineke van der Berg. Mostly absent from research due to various circumstances, including administrative/refereeing duties. Started a new (highly ambitious) research project on conceptualizing the form of space-time. March-April 2021 Started research on matches of digraphs : pioneering joint work with Francois van Niekerk and Jade Viljoen (research grew out from her honors project). S