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Category Theory Course 2022

Here you will find the content for the Category Theory course given under the National Graduate Academy NGA-Coursework of the CoE-MaSS. The lectures are on Saturdays 9:00-11:00. 

Register here to receive the Zoom link for joining the lectures

There is also a Discord channel for this course, which you can find on the Discord server of the NGA-Coursework project. 

This is a video-based course aimed at post-graduate students and as well academics interested to learn about category theory, with live participation of the audience shaping the content of the course. For a reading course at the South African honors level, see:

For an introduction to category theory for non-mathematicians and undergraduate students, see:

Lecture 1: Categories

Lecture 2: Functors

Lecture 3: Natural Transformations

Lecture 4: Adjunctions

Lecture 5: Limits

Lecture 6: Duality

Lecture 7: Yoneda Embedding

Lecture 8: Equivalence of Categories

9. Exponentiation

10. Universal constructions


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