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NITheCS Mini-School on Elementary Introduction to Category Theory , a series of lectures for the October Mini-School at the South African Mini-School in Theoretical and Computational Sciences, given jointly with Amartya Goswami Abstract Algebra for the Future Mathematician , a book in progress jointly with Amartya Goswami The Caravan this is an introductory book in progress on foundations of abstract mathematics. My inaugural lecture publication and the lecture . See the mathematics playlist of my youtube channel for my video lectures. Cardinal Arithmetic (Cantor’s theory of cardinality for Grothendieck-type universes) Morphisms of finite spaces (introduction to the basic ideas of category theory via topology and combinatorics) Posets and connections (introduction to Galois connections) Homomorphisms of monoids (includes products, sums and quotients of monoids) Universal algebra (Birkhoff’s variety theorem and some Mal’tsev conditions) Abstract