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2022 Academic Activities

This post is under construction January-February 2022 Serving on the Subcommittee B of the Research Committee of Stellenbosch University for 2022. Serving on the Programme Committee of the Faculty of Science of Stellenbosch University for 2022. Setting up Mathematical Structures Research Programme at the National Institute for Theoretical and Computational Sciences. Delivered online lecture series  Python-Based Introduction to Mathematical Proofs  for the  The 12th CHPC Introductory Programming School and The 4th NITheCS Summer School on the Foundations of Theoretical and Computational Science . Teaching Engineering Mathematics 214 (together with Liam Baker, Ronalda Benjamin, and Michael Hoefnagel) in the first semester and giving a Foundations of Abstract Mathematics I seminar in Mathematical Reasoning in the first term. Also teaching a third-year module, Topology, in the first semester.  Convening Foundations of Abstract Mathematics I & II (year modules) and Topology (semester m