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Imagination (opus 1011)

The video shows two dancers, a man and a woman. The woman exists in the imagination of the man. Perhaps it is someone he knew, loved, cared for... Ballet-style gentle dance of the woman is contrasted with a free-style rough dance of the man. This symbolizes the unattainability of the imagination. Half-way in the video the man is shown collapsed on the floor. This scene is intended to reveal that the man has actually been suffering from the unattainability of his imagination. He longs for the woman, who remains to be only a fragment of his imagination throughout the video. Towards the end of the video, the woman dances to a light and playful music. The video ends with the man walking away from the camera. He momentarily stops, looks back, and then confidently makes a few more steps in the direction he was heading, away from the camera, till the video concludes. The man has resolved the problem: the joy of her existence, even if only in his imagination, must overcome the suffering. 


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