Guitarist, Contemplation and Camille


This picture symbolizes a human state when one is working on a routine task, while one's mind looks into the bigger picture of things. While guitarists hands are busy playing on the guitar, his eyes are looking into the open space from what appears to be a balcony. The fence of the balcony symbolizes the restrictions imposed on a human soul by the necessity of the routine task.


This picture shows the back of a woman with yellow hair, in a stylish red dress, gazing at the white moon. The hair is blowing in a light wind. Mountains covered in snow are in the background. Her outfit is certainly not a match for the cold weather, but contemplation will keep her body warm. This picture symbolizes that deeper things in life can give us physical strength.


This drawing shows two sides of Camille Vasquez, one of the lawyers defending Johnny Depp in the livestreamed trial of defamation of Johnny Depp in 2022. The picture shows a head and a body side-by-side. The head, with a thoughtful expression of the face, represents the successful lawyer. The body, in a stylish formal dress, represents the celebrity status that she obtained during the trial. The white color of the outfit is a reminder of the white suit that she wore during her closing argument. The body is directed opposite to the head as an artistic style, not new in my artwork. However, here it also marks the contrast between what they represent (being famous and being professional). The picture is a symbolism for the duality of being good at what you do and being famous.