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Category Theory Seminar

A successful category theory seminar at Stellenbosch University organized by Professor James Gray. Three talks and a snack break. The talks were given by Professor Hans Porst, Dr Michael Hoefnagel, and Dr Bruce Bartlett. Even some second-year students from the course Foundations of Abstract Mathematics I attended it, after hearing that their practical session will not be held today because of the seminar. Third-year students, honors and postgraduate students attended too. The seminar ran under the auspices of the Mathematical Structures Research Programme at NITheCS. I am not on the photos, because I took them :-)

Talk by Professor Ports on "The monoidal structure of the Toffoli-Feistel construction"

The Toffoli-Feistel construction from the talk by Professor Ports

Snack break

Professor Ports talking with postgraduate students during the snack break

Snack break

Snack break

Dr Bartlett and Professor Porst discussing the Toffoli-Feistel construction during the snack break

Dr Hoefnagel explaining commutation of limits and colimits

Dr Hoefnagel's talk "On the commutativity of finite products and quotients"

Dr Bartlett explaining string nets

Dr Bartlett's talk on "Three-dimensional TQFTs via string-nets and two-dimensional surgery"

Group photo taken at the end of the seminar



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