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2021 Academic Activities

November-December 2021 Finalized marks for Foundations of Abstract Mathematics I, II and an honors module in Logic. Resumed research on a  noetherian form of sets . The binary matrix properties paper submitted for publication (corresponding author: M. Hoefnagel) - see the submitted version of the paper here . The revised version of the paper on  matrix taxonomy re-submitted for publication (corresponding author: M. Hoefnagel) - see the new version here . Talk given at SAMS Congress on the matrix project - see the write-up of the talk here . At the SAMS AGM held during the congress, I was appointed to serve on the SAMS Council as the President of the South African Mathematical Society for 2022-2023. Plenary talk given at the 4th BRICS Mathematics Conference  on noetherian forms   ( slides , recording ). This talk was given jointly with Amartya Goswami. Funding awarded for the NITheCS research programme in Mathematics, entitled " Space-like mathematical structures and related